Less Miles. More Fun.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how much I have struggled to get ready for the Cleveland Marathon in May.  It has still been difficult to nail down the reason I’ve lost motivation to run, and I’m sure a lot of it laziness, but I also feel like I’ve been a bit fearful of where I am physically.  I don’t know that I really could go through any kind of training cycle right now.  Mentally it seems like such a daunting task, even though I have run five fulls in five years.  I’ve done it well, and been proud of all that I accomplished, but this is different.
So I’ve made a decision.

One of my favorite things about the Cleveland Marathon is the Challenge Series.  It’s a series of races on back-to-back days, and a ton of fun, and amazing swag! Two years ago I ran the 8k/Half challenge, and got hailed on for 13.1 miles.  Last year I ran the 8k/Full challenge.  That was such an incredible experience, and a thrill finishing over 30 miles in two days.

There is one challenge that I haven’t accepted from the Cleveland Marathon though.  The 5k/10k challenge.  Why haven’t I thought of this?  I have nowhere the miles on my legs, and nowhere near the desire to train, to train for anything more than this right now.  I want to get back to enjoying running, and what better way than signing up for events I can run fast in? I get to train fast, keep the miles down, and just run for the fun of it again.

I see this as a tremendous opportunity for many other runners too.  Whether you’re just beginning, returning from injury, or going through some of the same thing like I am.  The 5k/10k will be just enough to make you feel crazy, but the training won’t be so overwhelming to look at.

There is one other major plus to this.  I have never officially raced a 10k.  I have a nice PR board on my medal wall, and my current 10k PR is a freaking training run!

All-in-all, making this decision has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders.  Hopefully it makes the fact I’m only running 3 or 4 miles right now a little less depressing.  Hopefully I can build up the speed and then the distance.  But thankfully, I can still enjoy all the amazing festivities of the Cleveland Marathon, and not have to race a long distance.

See you in May Cleveland!


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