It’s Time to Run… Again… Maybe…


March is here, spring is coming. What a time to get back to doing what I love to do. I still have never found my groove since my wife started working. Some of it is laziness, some of it circumstance. What it comes down to is I’ve been able to justify the excuses with “I’m just too tired” or “I want to hang out with my family”. Don’t get me wrong, sleeping and hanging out with your family are important, but when you just crack open a beer and scroll twitter or play NBA 2k18 for a couple hours, they are legitimate.

Why am I telling you this? I am just telling you how awful of a “running inspiration” I am. To be honest, I don’t really know. Maybe it is cathartic in some way. I think what I really want is for you to hold me accountable. I know I am going to go out and PR any races coming up, but I would at least like to be able to run them and enjoy them.

That brings me to my next point. I don’t think that trying to run the 8k/Full challenge is the best idea for me right now. I am going to get back to basics and run the 8k/Half at Cleveland in May. I’ll be running the Hall of Fame Half in Canton as well, that is in April. I just need to get back where I am enjoying it. Maybe I run a full in the fall? Maybe I don’t.


All that said, I need to find my love again. That has certainly been my biggest struggle. Hopping on the treadmill isn’t always fun, in fact most of the time it isn’t, but when your wife leaves for work ten minutes after you get home from work, and you have a five year old to watch, it’s the only option. It’s either that or wake up before work and go put some miles in. I’ve never really been one to do that, because I’ve never had to.

I thought when I went from retail hours that were all over the place to a steady Monday-Friday eight to five, I would be a better runner. Turned out it was just an opportunity for us to take better care of our family financially. I’ve never found my groove since, save for Saturday and Sunday.

Have you ever struggled to find your love again like this? How did you manage to get your groove back? I really would love your advice.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Run… Again… Maybe…

  1. I’ve had two different forms of this. The first form was when I was dealing with long term injuries, in 2013, and last year. I run to race, and I’ve been almost completely honed in on trying to qualify for Boston, so when I’m injured and can’t train the way I want I lose a ton of motivation. I like having a training plan to follow, a program to plug into every day and when that isn’t an option I struggle to stay with it. The other form this takes is when I fall off the wagon during the winter months. I prefer training in cooler weather but winters here are so unpredictable. If I hit a stretch or two where the weather interrupts things I’m really good as talking myself out of hitting the treadmill and then suddenly I’ve gotten comfortable and it is a struggle to get myself back out the door.

    Getting back into a groove when I’m hurt is difficult because there is not always a set strategy for handling the injury and continuing to run. When I’ve fallen off the wagon during the winter months I tend to find my training log and leaf back through it to look at my mileage. It’s a little bit like checking off X’s on a calendar when you want to show you have a streak of accomplishing something. The act of looking back at my mileage has a way of making me feel accomplished and pushing me to get back at it. I want to start a new streak, build on the mileage I had before, or get back to what I was once capable of doing. After running a few days and putting my new workouts down in my log, I begin to feel that sense of accomplishment again and the streak builds. Maybe something like that can work for you too.

    Hope you find your groove again soon.

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